Thursday, February 17, 2011


God must have decided we all needed a break from winter! He blessed us with sunshine and 70 degrees temperatures today. Tomorrow's supposed to be even warmer! This is such a treat in February. I was able to walk around our neighborhood and deliver my donation envelopes for the Am. Heart Association. I do this every February and it's NEVER been warm enough to walk. I usually drive on the wrong side of the street and stick them in their paper boxes, quickly, before I freeze or get hit by a car coming down the street. (We live in a cul-de-sac and there's not much traffic on our street other than those that live on it.) I also took advantage of this "heat wave" to finally get rid of some dead pansies on my back porch. I've had to look out my kitchen and dining room and see those poor,dried-up, droopy flowers all winter. It was just too cold to go out and throw them away. Sometimes you may feel dried-up and droopy, just like those poor pansies.
But, just like He did with this little taste of Spring in the middle of winter, God will always be there to shower you with the "pick me up" you need. He knows when you need some sunshine in your life and will provide it for you. Enjoy the warmth in the air tomorrow and may each of you feel the warmth of God's love for you!

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